Significant upgrades have been made to Romania’s railway transportation infrastructure during the past few years, increasing both its efficiency in comparison to road transportation and the ability to significantly reduce environmental effects. Although road freight transportation currently predominates in the Transylvania region, the expansion of rail infrastructure represents a sizable portion of the total expenditure made in this mode of transportation. All these modernization investments translate into an increase in the speed of train movements, the safety of traffic and the efficiency of rail freight transport in Romania.

Major companies choose to have almost half of their goods transported by rail. Private investment in Transylvania’s rail infrastructure provides manufacturers, distributors, and traders with facilities and services connected to intermodal transportation. Significant funding has been allocated for 2023 to finish 9343 km of the CF line and repair its 4 bridges and viaducts, 1 tunnel, and 11 crossings through railway levels.

Modernization of the railways will mean increased efficiency of rail transport in many ways.

  • Efficient transport: when it comes to delivering goods, rail is an efficient option, considering that a standard wagon has a higher loading capacity than a truck and carries more bulky goods.
  • Fast delivery: rail transport is not affected by conditions or traffic congestion, offering fast and reliable, and convenient delivery. When the items’ whereabouts are traced via GPS, there is peace of mind knowing they will arrive at their destination safely. Items are safeguarded during transit, lowering the possibility of theft or loss. Delivery times are shortened with rail freight due to shorter journey times.
  • Lower cost: rail fares are much cheaper in comparison with other modes of transport delivery.
  • Role in intermodal transport: this aspect requires that a container with cargo is brought to port by sea and from there, via rail services, to be delivered to the warehouse and then to its destination by truck.
  • Environmentally friendly: Permanent solutions are being researched to make rail transportation cleaner and emit less carbon.

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