At PSP Cargo Group Romania we are aware that due to the ongoing worldwide crisis, safety is more important than ever. We are investing a lot in enhancing the security system, to make sure that everything runs smoothly. At the same time it is also important to us to keep our clients happy. Sparing no expense, and keeping our target in mind this year we are investing more than 2.000.000 Euros in the modernization of machinery in Romania.

We are investing in three new locomotives. Recently the PSP Cargo Group` s operating park has expanded with two new engines: the DA 1289 and the DA 165. They are 2100 hp, and these work with diesel- electric. The trains are manufactured in Romania by RELOC Craiova, under license from SULZER- BROWN- BOVERI. We consider them a good investment as they have several advantages.

As part of the planned RG (general overhaul), repairs recently carried out on these locomotives at RELOC Craiova, they made a series of upgrades to improve their performances. These include the installation of a range of aggregates and equipment. The most significant in terms of the comfort and safety of the operator, in particular, is the copper diesel engine start. They have introduced a range of installations to reduce the idling time of the diesel engine, doing this by using Caterpillar generator set. These machines are built in Coleman Mach air conditioning system, powered by a static converter. And there is also IVMS with integrated INDUSI, DSV and EVM system – road safety system for traffic in Hungary and Romania.

It is important to emphasize that the presence of these installations mounted on the locomotive does not alter the handling and operating system from the point of view safety of circulations or the provisions of the instructions in force in rail transport. They have other roles. First of them is to enable the locomotive to be operated as economically as possible, so that the costs of the transport process are kept as low as possible. It also extends the life of the locomotives and increases the time between repairs, reducing premature wear on the diesel engine, electric traction motors, auxiliary services, and batteries to increase locomotive availability. It reduces pollution by reducing diesel engine running time and optimizing fuel consumption.

In the meantime, the safety system of the LDE 2100 hp 1289 series locomotives has been technically tested, with air conditioning and its generator, to ensure that employees can work in comfort and safety in modern conditions. Each country needs separate permits to start them up in Hungary (hence the need for testing). PSP is proud to say that we are one of the few companies, to which these machine`s security system corresponds in Romania and in Hungary too. Contact us if you need any of our services!